Solar Consulting Services

The profitability and success of a solar investment relies on knowledge of conditions in every market and building situation.

The Power of Experience

ASI management has combined experience of 33 years in building solar systems on municipal, commercial, multi-family, residential and battery back-up systems spanning 7 different utility service territories from Washington State down to Orange County and from tiny utilities Alameda Municipal Utility to large entities like Southern California Edison. The profitability and success of a solar investment relies on knowledge of conditions in every market and building situation.


Portfolio Assessment

ASI will look at a broad portfolio of properties and identify through financial analysis of bills, usage and programs which properties are the best opportunities for greening and for earning.


Title 24 and New Construction

California and many other states have stringent new building codes which will demand some solar as part of the development. ASI provides consulting to navigate these requirements including cost impact, financial analysis, preliminary design and municipal communication.


Project Funding

Many sources of financing are available in the solar marketplace and can be confusing. ASI understands the array of options and can guide building owners and managers through the process of assessing the tax impacts and incentives in consideration of the clients’ long term goals.


Peter Weich, President and CEO
Team Member Peter Weich
Peter Weich has been involved in the energy industry for over 2 decades. He founded Weich Electrical in 1991, specializing in the design and installation of quality electrical systems for high-end residential homes, power distribution upgrades in apartment buildings and the design of electrical systems for large internet and marketing companies. In 2001, Peter expanded into solar installations, founding Absolutely Solar, Inc. Absolutely Solar quickly became a preferred solar contractor for the City of Santa Monica and, in 2003, installed the largest photovoltaic system in Santa Monica on a multifamily project. Absolutely Solar has developed and built hundreds of solar energy installations in California ranging from small residential solar systems through large commercial installations.

Absolutely Solar’s Philosophy​

When you first think of solar energy, you might imagine little, tidy rows of blue panels on a slanted household rooftop. Well, Absolutely Solar started out that way. But today, those rooftops are a lot larger and are found on commercial buildings such as warehouses and cold storage facilities. Our founder, Peter Weich, an accomplished electrical engineer, helped pioneer solar photovoltaic energy solutions and grew his business from the ground up. All the way up to large-scale “light farms,” with miles and miles of solar panels stretching across empty desert or mounted on unused rooftops that reap steady income for the building owners ans system investors all the while serving entire municipalities and contributing to a new renewable-energy economy.

The ease at which we move within our industry, a firm grasp of our clients objectives and an ability to think outside the box, but with an old-fashioned work ethic has built our reputation and propels us into the challenging area of utility-scale photovoltaic development.

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