Solar Development Services

ASI has a decade worth of relationships and expertise in solar energy design, build and commissioning. The team’s experience in efficient project development includes project financial analysis, estimating, navigation of pre-construction, procurement of incentives and interconnection agreements, as well as compliance with local government and utility company requirements.

pre-site developmentPre-site Development

land acquisitionLand Acquisition


interconnction applicationsInterconnection Applications

project fundingProject Funding

construction managementConstruction Management

  • Pre-site Development – Expert development planning is vital during the demanding rush to acquire project funding and preliminary designs. ASI’s approach includes early decision-making, budget development, and feasibility studies.
  • Land Acquisition – ASI provides input on critical designs, environmental impact studies, construction and other cost issues that can affect the development and profitability of a project.
  • Permits – The permitting process can be frustrating for many solar project developers. ASI speaks the language and manages the labyrinth of rules and procedures presented by planning and building departments.
  • Interconnection Applications – California Utility companies have very specific policies and procedures. We bring extensive familiarity and understanding of each utility to every interconnection application.
  • Project Funding – We understand the complex funding process of large-scale solar projects and can help you stay on top of stringent financing requirements to take advantage of an ever-changing array of incentives.
  • Construction Management – ASI provides budgeting, scheduling, phasing plans, and estimating, all at increasing levels of detail as the design phase progresses. ASI handles bid distribution, contract coordination and execution, as well as management of pre-qualified contractors and suppliers, ensuring compliance with project design, budget and schedule.