Absolutely Solar’s Philosophy

Absolutely Solar’s mission is to increase distributed photovoltaic solar energy generation in California through a business model that is:

Environmentally Friendly

environmentally friendly

Socially Beneficial

socially beneficial

Financially Successful

financially successful

When you first think of solar energy, you might imagine little, tidy rows of blue panels on a slanted household rooftop. Well, Absolutely Solar started out that way. But today, those rooftops are a lot larger and are found on commercial buildings such as warehouses and cold storage facilities. Our founder, Peter Weich, an accomplished electrical engineer, helped pioneer solar photovoltaic energy solutions and grew his business from the ground up. All the way up to large-scale “light farms,” with miles and miles of solar panels stretching across empty desert or mounted on unused rooftops that reap steady income for the building owners ans system investors all the while serving entire municipalities and contributing to a new renewable-energy economy.

The ease at which we move within our industry, a firm grasp of our clients objectives and an ability to think outside the box, but with an old-fashioned work ethic has built our reputation and propels us into the challenging area of utility-scale photovoltaic development.