Sarah Wauters

Sarah Wauters, Vice President, Project Development and Marketing

Sarah Wauters is Vice President, Project Development and Marketing. Sarah is working to develop projects in net metering and utility solar programs within the LADWP and SCE service territories. Since 2007, Sarah has worked in the solar industry as a business development executive and energy consultant. At Sun Light & Power as a design consultant, she pushed the small and enduring company into commercial and government venues new for the company. She obtained the single largest municipal contract that Sun Light & Power had ever built for the City of Beverly Hills, a 430 KW system. She started the company’s first satellite office, thus bringing the 36 year-old solar company to SoCal. Sarah forged a new path in SoCal for the company, predesigning and consulting with affordable housing customers, market rate multi-family builders and developers, as well as large commercial clients.
Prior to her solar career, Sarah worked as legal counsel to a wide variety of businesses: entertainment, cosmetics, special effects, digital publishing and green building. Her strategic advice and steady hand lead business principals to include her on corporate boards of directors and as a corporate officer. She served on the Solar Round Table for then Council member Eric Garcetti (now Mayor), she served on the advisory board of the Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles, and the Sustainability Committee of the Los Angeles AIA. She has fundraised for environmental candidates such as Eric Garcetti, Barack Obama, and John Kerry.

Education and Professional Memberships

  • BA, Dartmouth College
  • JD, UCLA School of Law
  • Founding Member, Sustainable Business Council, LA