Timing is everything: Important Renewable Energy Milestone Reached by City of LA

In Los Angeles, the LADWP will begin accepting applications for the first 20 MW of its new solar Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) program on Feb. 1. For the first time, customers, solar companies and other third parties can develop solar projects in DWP’s service territory and sell the power to LADWP at a fixed price for distribution on the city’s power grid. LADWP will sign 20 year contracts to purchase ALL of the power produced. None of the power will produced by the PV system will be used onsite.

This is a landmark decision to create the largest program of its kind in the nation. And just this week, as the LA Times reports, the LA City Council averted a bid to further study and potentially delay the program. LA City Councilperson Richard Alarcon said “We make these kinds of investments all the time in order to get a greater return in the future. Let’s get this thing going.”

We applaud this decision because it is time to “get this thing going.”

This size and model of this program is ideally suited for utility scale plants to be constructed on large rooftops, especially those atop commercial buildings and warehouses. That’s why Absolutely Solar is actively seeking property owners who would like to lease their rooftops for the 20-year term. ASI may also be able to extend roof life and provide roof warranties. There are also opportunities to invest and collaborate in the revenue-producing facility itself.

But time is of the essence. New applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and space is very limited.

Americans are embracing the exciting possibilities – and challenges – of the new alternate energy economy. To manage the growing demand for rooftop solar, a program was needed to process applications and guide the development to help utilities efficiently embrace the connection of new solar systems safely and reliably in our area. This is the program and the time is now.

Read more about this decision in the KCET ReWire article, “LADWP Solar Program Clears Hurdle.”