Japan’s FIT Fits – Why Can’t We Get It?

Japan’s Fukushima nuclear accident provided a wake-up call to that country in terms of its energy consumption, formerly nearly 30 per cent dependent on nuclear and 60 per cent on fossil fuels. It’s new feed-in-tariff program will require electric power companies to buy ALL renewable energy generated by qualifying suppliers, at a higher rate than initially expected. Now that’s incentive – a guaranteed market!

Solar cell tower in Japan
This solar cell panel tower is standing in a petrol station. This is one of 580 disaster prevention petrol stations in Japan. Each station has a power generator and a water tank so that they would continue to work in case of disaster. August 2011, Tokyo

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California Regulators Make Long-Awaited Changes to the CREST PPA


In November, California regulators made some long-awaited changes to the CREST PPA offered by SCE, with a potentially more favorable climate for developers to finance their projects. This article from the January 2012 issue of Photon magazine features an interview with ASI’s Al Rosen and offers some additional background and views. How does it climate for solar development in California look to you – sunny and bright or slightly cloudy?

Note: After this article went to press, SCE withdrew its request for a CPUC rehearing and is signing these PPAs without reservation of rights or protest. Projects which will produce an estimated 70 MW signed the modified PPA before the end of 2011 (including two projects developed by ASI).

PPA fix beat the clock

Photon Magazine, January 2012

Al Rosen knows all about patience. Two years ago Rosen and his business partner, Peter Weich, who together operate California-based solar developer Absolutely Solar Inc., began installing photovoltaic (PV) projects under the CREST program from Southern California Edison (SCE). The program was created through the state’s Assembly Bill (AB) 1969, which was passed in 2009. Designed to spur the development of wholesale renewable energy projects 1.5 MW and smaller, CREST is SCE’s version of the feed-in-tariff program that was mandated for investor-owned utilities (IOUs) by the same legislation.

Photon International ~ The Solar Power Magazine
Article published in Photon International ~ The Solar Power Magazine

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